Why Progressive Cavity (PC) Pump is the Best Dispensing Pump for Underfill Accuracy

If the purpose of the underfill process is ultimately to increase the lifespan of a product, then shouldn’t manufacturers in the electronics industry seek out the best underfill dispensing systems they can find?

So, if we’re hoping to choose the best underfill dispensing system for printed circuit board assembly, what exactly are the factors to look for?

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The Advantages of Jet Dispensing Electrically Conductive Adhesive (ECA)

Electrically conductive adhesives (ECA) continue to grow in use throughout the military and defense, aerospace and medical manufacturing industries for their electrical and thermal conductivity and their versatility as a bonding material. Let’s take a look at ECAs, the reasons to use ECAs, and the advantages of using a jet valve system for their application in electronics manufacturing

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Improve Surface Mount Adhesive Speeds with Jet Dispensing

As PCBAs have become more tightly packed with through-hole components, bottom-side SMT devices, and ever more crowded circuitry, the precision of surface mount adhesive (SMA) dispensing is more critical than ever. But in the ever-competitive world of electronics manufacturing, precision is never enough. We need precision dispensing and ever greater speeds.

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