Techcon offers a variety of dispensing solutions and solar applications for the manufacturer of renewable energy products including solar panels, cells, and junction boxes. Our portfolio of precision valves and accessories helps our customers meet the high quality demands for their products.


  • Solder paste dispensing in solar cells
  • Flux dispensing on solar string and solar cells
  • Sealing, potting, and bonding junction boxes and panel edges
  • Bonding flexible solar modules onto solar panels

  • TS8200D Micro-Meter Mix accurately mixes and dispenses 2-component (2K) material, with dispense accuracy of up to +/- 1%.  Dual progressive cavity (PC) pumps achieve accurate mix ratios between 1:1 and 10:1, while the high-quality static mixer ensures proper material curing. The TS580D-MM controller ensures full control over flow rates, mix ratios, and dispense output.
  • TS70000 IMP Valve uses a feed screw to dispense fluid with a rotary displacement action and is ideally suited for precisely depositing small amounts of solder paste onto BGA pad geometry.
  • TS5540-MS Microshot Spray Valve is designed for precise spray application of low-viscosity fluid such as fluxes. Total control of the spray is provided by adjustable fluid flow and precise control of pre-spray, atomizing spray and post-spray with the TS560R controller.
  • TS9800 Series Jet Valve comes with a wide range of nozzle sizes to provide high-speed dispensing of fluxes from any direction without making contact with the substrate.
  • TS5322 Mini Spool Valves are designed for precision control during the dispensing process to ensure consistent and reliable application during critical operations. It is an ideal solution for small dots and finer line requirements.
Fluid Dispensing Products Used in the Solar Industry

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