DOWNERS GROVE, Ill., Nov. 16, 2022 – Techcon, part of OK International and Dover (NYSE: DOV), and a leader in precision fluid dispensing technologies, today announced the launch of the new TS8200D Series Micro-Meter Mix Dispensing System, a precision volumetric mixing and dispensing system for two-component adhesives, such as epoxies, reactive acrylics, or polyurethanes.

The Micro-Meter Mix consists of two newly updated M-Series Progressive Cavity (PC) Pumps integrated into a fluid manifold and connected to a static mixing nozzle. This configuration enables software-controlled mix ratio configurations from 1:1 to 10:1, achieving incredibly accurate and repeatable dispensing results.

“Techcon’s TS8200D Micro-Meter Mix is the natural evolution of our highly successful PC Pump, based on industry-proven progressive cavity technology. Techcon’s TS580D-MM smart controller manages the rotation of the PC pump rotors, delivering precise volumetric fluid metering with no guesswork required,” said Can La, Techcon Product Manager. “Since the fluid path of the adhesive resin and hardeners are maintained separately in each PC pump all the way to the static mixing nozzle, the likelihood of cross-contamination is significantly reduced, making clean up fast and easy.”

An optional pressure sensor is available to attach to each pump outlet for monitoring internal pressure. If the difference in pressure between the two pumps is higher than normal, the Micro-Meter Mix controller sends an alarm to signal the operator to check the pumps for clogging. This feature greatly reduces the likelihood of cross-contamination and damage to the pumps, a common issue among similar two-component systems.

The combination of multiple mix ratios and the ease of maintenance makes the Micro-Meter Mix a cost-effective solution for the electronics, mobile device, computer, and automotive manufacturing industries where accurate dispensing of two-component materials is needed.