Cypress, CA — October 24, 2017 — Techcon, a leader in precision fluid dispensing technologies, today unveiled a new logo and brand identity at The Assembly Show in Rosemont, IL. The brand launch is being rolled out in conjunction with a series of innovative new products from Techcon, beginning with the TS550R Smart Valves Controller, which can remotely control the Techcon pneumatic valve series via mobile or desktop computer, or via intuitive touch screen controls.

Since 1961, Techcon’s fluid and adhesive dispensing products have been renowned for their superior accuracy and durability, offering customers both improved industrial hygiene and enhanced productivity.

Chris Larocca, President of Techcon, stated: “Looking forward, our innovation roadmap pushes these boundaries even further with the introduction of intelligent solutions such as an automatic robotic dispensing system and equipment with homeostatic dispensing capabilities. We feel our new brand represents the collaboration, commitment and precision of our engineered products and the Techcon team.”

Techcon’s new symbol, the Ingenuity Knot, is depicted as a strong bond of two droplets, representing the interwoven ideas that lead to ingenious solutions. The colors, along with the ‘Industrial Ingenuity’ tagline, are shared with its sister brand, Metcal.

“Industrial Ingenuity is about backing our products with an expert engineering team that can solve the toughest manufacturing problems in a range of industries, from aerospace, military and material packaging to industrial assembly, medical devices and electronics,” adds Can La, Product Manager for Techcon. “We share those values with Metcal, and so we’ve shared the tagline ‘Industrial Ingenuity.’”

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About Techcon

Since 1961, Techcon has provided precision fluid and adhesive dispensing equipment to a range of service industries, including industrial assembly, aerospace, military, material packaging, medical device and electronics. Techcon products are renowned for their superior accuracy and durability, yielding improved industrial hygiene and enhanced productivity. Our latest innovation is an automatic robotic dispensing system, designed to reduce human error and further increase precision, while providing IoT features such as uploadable instructional files and remote monitoring/troubleshooting. Backed by our expert engineering team, Techcon, an OK International company, is delivering smarter, cleaner, more durable solutions.