Do you have valves for dispensing 2-component material?

Techcon offers Techkits, Meter Mix, and Micro-Meter Mix systems for 2-components material dispensing.

What is the smallest dot size Techcon valves can dispense?

The TS9800 Jet Valve can dispense dot sizes as small as 0.5nl. Learn more here.

Does Techcon offer positive displacement valves?

Techcon offers the TS8100 Series Progressive Cavity (PC) Pump to provide high repeatability dispensing. Learn more here.


What is the pressure rating of Techcon syringes?

The pressure rating of our syringes is 100 psi.

Do you have silicone-free syringes?

Yes. Techcon 700 Series syringes and components are free of silicone.

What is the temperature rating of a Techcon syringe?

The 700 Series syringe can be stored (no pressure applied) between -40 °C to 38 °C (-40 °F to 100 ºF).

Does Techcon offer UV-safe syringes?

Techcon offers black and dark amber syringes for UV materials.


Do Techcon digital dispensers require calibration?

Calibration is not required for the Techcon TS250, TS350, TS255, TS355 and TS500R Digital Dispensers.

Dispensing Needles/Tips

Does Techcon offer UV-safe dispensing tips?

Techcon dispensing needles are UV-safe.


Are Techcon products CE certified?

All Techcon products are CE certified.

Are Techcon products ROHS and REACH compliant?

Yes, all current Techcon products are RoHs and REACH compliant.

Is OK International/Techcon ISO9001 certified?

Yes. OK International/Techcon is ISO9001 Certified.

General Questions

How do I request more specific information on a Techcon product or part number?

Please contact our Technical Service Team at

How do I request support/service for product issues?

Please contact our Technical Service Team at

How can I request accessories and/or spare-repair parts?

Please contact our Technical Service Team at

How do I get an onsite demo of a Techcon valve?

The Techcon sales/application team can provide on-site demos.

Where can I buy Techcon products?

Products are available to purchase online or through our global distribution channel.

Do you offer 3D CAD drawings?

Techcon provides 3D CAD drawings upon request.

Do you offer application testing service?

Yes. Techcon will provide application testing services through our application support. Please contact your sales rep or fill out the application support form.

Looking for more information on our products?

Visit our resources area for additional documentation and information.