Techcon offers a variety of dispensing solutions for data storage manufacturers to improve quality, speed and precision in the manufacturing process.


  • Magnet bonding
  • Sealing
  • Solder paste dispensing
  • Coating
  • Dam and fill/glob top encapsulation
  • Potting application

  • TS5000DMP Disposable Material Path rotary auger valve is an ideal valve to dispense pre-mixed 2-part material for electronics potting. The valve wetted parts can be removed and replaced in under a minute, significantly lower downtime while eliminating costly maintenance repairs and clean up.
  • TS70000 IMP Valve uses a feed screw to dispense fluid with a rotary displacement action and is ideally suited for precise deposition of small amounts of solder paste onto BGA pad geometry.
  • TS8100 Series Progressive Cavity (PC) Pump provides the most accurate metering of flux with a repeatability rate of +/-1%.
  • TS5540 Series Spray Valve is designed for precise spray applications of conformal coating.
Fluid Dispensing Products Used in the Data Storage Industry

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