The automotive Industry requires advanced lubricants, sealants, and dispensing solutions to maintain high-quality standards while minimizing the use of material.


  • Apply RTV into cavity of motor
  • Apply form-in-place gasket to light assemblies
  • Dispense thermal grease to switches, actuators and connectors
  • Dispense UV-cure adhesives for bonding connectors application
  • Apply lubrication in clutch and brake assembliess
  • Dispense solder pastes for connectors assemblies, head lamp assemblies, ignition systems
  • Spray oil, lubricant in AC system, engine components

  • TS9800 Jet Valve is used for ultra-fast and high-precision dispensing of micro dots of UV adhesives from any direction without making contact with the substrate.
  • TS8100 Series Progressive Cavity (PC) Pump provides the most accurate metering of greases with repeatability rate of +/-1%.
  • TS55000DMP/TS7000 Auger Valve meets small dot requirements of solder paste applications. The TS7000 Valve has a 32 Pitch Auger option to address tighter lead pitch QFP components and smaller BGA’s as the Industry continues the migration to higher counts with smaller solder pad geometries.
  • TS941/TS5322 Spool Valves are designed for precision control during the dispensing process to ensure consistent and reliable application during critical operations. The TS941 Spool Valve is for high pressure and high flow rate applications, while the TS5322 miniature spool valve is for small dots and finer line requirements such as form-in-place gasket applications and lubrication process.
  • TSR2000 Series Bench-Top Dispensing Robots are easy to program and simple to operate and compatible with all valves types.
  • 700 Series Syringes provide a very consistent feeding of the material to the valve for any dispensing applications.
  • 700 Series Needles provide precise dot diameters or line widths for any application and material viscosity.

Fluid Dispensing Products Used in the Automotive Industry

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