The automotive industry requires advanced lubricants, sealants, and dispensing solutions to maintain high quality standards while minimizing the use of material.


  • Apply RTV into motor cavities
  • Apply form-in-place gaskets to light assemblies
  • Dispense thermal grease to switches, actuators, and connectors
  • Dispense UV-cure adhesives for bonding connectors
  • Apply lubrication in clutch and brake assemblies
  • Dispense solder pastes for connector assemblies, headlamp assemblies, and ignition systems
  • Spray oil and lubricant into AC systems and engine components

  • TS8200D Micro-Meter Mix was specifically developed to accurately mix and dispense 2-component (2K) material, with dispense accuracy of up to +/- 1%.  Dual progressive cavity (PC) pumps achieve accurate mix ratios between 1:1 and 10:1, while the high-quality static mixer ensures proper material curing.
  • TS9800 Jet Valve is used for ultra-fast and high-precision dispensing of microdots of UV adhesives from any direction without making contact with the substrate.
  • TS8100 Series Progressive Cavity (PC) Pump provides the most accurate metering of greases with a repeatability rate of +/-1%.
  • TS55000DMP/TS7000 Auger Valve meets small dot requirements of solder paste applications. The TS7000 Valve has a 32 Pitch Auger option to address tighter lead pitch QFP components and smaller BGA’s as the Industry continues the migration to higher counts with smaller solder pad geometries.
  • TS941/TS5322 Spool Valves are designed for precision control during the dispensing process to ensure consistent and reliable application during critical operations. The TS941 Spool Valve is for high-pressure and high flow rate applications, while the TS5322 miniature spool valve is for small dots and finer line requirements, such as form-in-place gasket applications and the lubrication process.
  • TSR2000 Series Bench-Top Dispensing Robots are easy to program, simple to operate, and compatible with all valve types.
  • 700 Series Syringes provide a very consistent feeding of the material to the valve for any dispensing application.
  • 700 Series Needles provide precise dot diameters or line widths for any application and material viscosity.

Fluid Dispensing Products Used in the Automotive Industry

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