For the Aerospace and Military markets, we offer time tested real solutions for complex dispensing applications of adhesives, sealants, and potting materials used from the flight line to the factory floor. Our products have been approved by major aerospace companies around the world, as well as the General Services Administration (GSA).


  • Edge filling/sealing for aircraft iInterior finishes
  • Potting for aircraft structural components
  • Face seal and filet seal
  • Fuel tanks sealing
  • Structural bonding
  • Coating circuit boards
  • Bracket bonding
  • Bonding sensor assemblies and enclosures
  • Sealing, bonding, lubrication in ammunition and weapon assemblies

  • Barrier Techkits and Injection Techckits mechanically isolate the base and hardener until you are ready to mix and use. Available in 2.5, 6, 8, 1/10th Gal, or 20 oz standard cartridge sizes. Barrier type kits are for ratios of catalyst to base more significant than 10 parts per 100 or as Injection Rod type kits for volumetric ratios lower than 10 parts (or less) per 100.
  • TS6500 Techkit Cartridge Mixer is a cost-effective machine that completely blends/mixes plural component material filled in standard cartridge kits. Equipped with an automatic fluid level sensing device, and user-friendly electronic control system, the TS6500 cartridge mixer allows for a quick and straightforward setup process.
  • Disposable Material Path TS5000DMP rotary auger valve is an ideal valve to dispense pre-mixed 2-part material for electronics potting. The valve wetted parts can be removed and replaced in under a minute, significantly lower downtime while eliminating costly maintenance repairs and clean up.
  • TS5540 Series Spray Valve is designed for precise spray applications of low viscosity fluids.
  • Techcon also offers a full range of dispensing guns, sealant smoothing and removal toolsets, and nozzles as accessories for aerospace Techkit needs.
Fluid Dispensing Products Used in Aerospace & Military

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